New summer pieces

New summer pieces

New Summer Pieces


We tried to create the most recent summer pieces with the same spirit in which they would be worn.  That means clothes that have an ease and spontaneity, travel well and can suit any number of different settings or needs


Lightness and comfort of course, go a long way and what can do that better than a linen tent dress?


A collarless shirt that could function as a jacket


Part of summer dressing must be about colour and if it is done with a soft linen and a cut with draping it can be distinct and yet with believable comfort.


The idea of a shirt that is in terms of pattern mixtures so unique has become such a SC trademark.


Speaking of trademarks; the drape neck flared pullover has by now become a SC classic and the reason that many customers have several in different fabrics will be become apparent once you try one on.


A linen suit jacket that has a soft tailored fitted silhouette is possible because with knit side panels and with a flat front linen pant will give a suit look without being stuffy.

Being a little sexy is allowed and a knit skirt with cut outs is a fun way of doing it and if you combine it with a soft drape pullover it is head turning and comfortable


A linen jacket with a twist that too is part of summer, with colour blocking asymmetry it will give that look that will set you a part from the mainstream.


Summer dressing and prints will always be part of the fun.


Being your own person is part of what warm weather dressing should be about, so why not a knit pair of drop crotch pants with a pullover with linen inlays.