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When we first started working on the story board for the collection ,somethings became very clear we wanted to express a new spirit,one of rebellion, change, energy, and a youthful spirit. In many ways nothing reflects that sentiment better then music and we came to the conclusion that it would be fun to do our season campaign photos staged as a band performing the spirit and feeling of a 70's rock band . It was a great shoot to do with a wonderful team with photos by Ernest Augustus, make up James Kershaw ,hair Ian kingdon  with Petal ,Zac ,Hailee, and...

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images from our most recent collection as presented at WCFW ,this collection is titled "superstars" After so many seasons of pretty and neat minimalist clothing perfectly draped and shaped and cut as if designed by robots for robots, the time has come to be bold, to break free of the shackles of fashion’s lemming pack. What the world needs today is people with their own voice, willing to rebel, to stand out and speak for themselves.  Change yourself and you can change the world. The time has come for superstars          

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The stills are from this film that took place long ago or it might have been recently. A story about love and beauty, of great music and jealously, in a place where conflict and celebration were never far away. Let the story be what you make it, use your imagination.  Let it take you away to where you want to be.  Photographer: studio-eMakeup: James KershawHair: Ian from Dandy Salon Spa Cast:James as GuidoBrandon as AngeloLois as MariellaRaven as Lola Blake as AngelinaAtem as Donatella

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