Van Mil clothing now available through the S.C webshop

Van Mil clothing now available through the S.C webshop

The line “Van Mil” is a collaboration of a number of designers from Holland, Belgium and Canada with the production base in Canada.  There is no single figure head with the focus squarely on the garments not the people behind it.

The idea was initially conceived in a café in Amsterdam where the   designers met and discussed how within their capacities as designers   employed by established corporations   their ability at creative freedom and experimentation had diminished and how it could be fun to develop a side project that could provide an opportunity to explore that creative freedom again.


Some of key influences behind the design mandate are sustainability and collage. With a real quest to create pieces that are spirited, rebellious and unique.

One of the tag lines that is used is “the mixtape of fashion”


The result is items that at times will incorporate features from used or vintage clothing, cuts that are unexpected and unconventional. Most pieces are often one of a kind, or limited edition.



Now this line will be available through the Stanley Carroll webshop watch for pieces that will constantly be added , the line   does not stick to seasons but treats the design process as a year round on going process


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