Flowers of evil launch

Flowers of evil launch

On March 30th Stanley Carroll will launch his latest collection “Flowers of Evil” at Western Canada Fashion Week.


In many ways this will represent a real revolution for the design house that has been around since early 1980’s.  To begin with the company will now shift it’s focus to present solely a men’s wear collection and additionally, there is a true change in attitude about the design process and marketing.


“There are so many exciting changes happening these days within the industry and I really wanted to be part of that, “said Stanley.  “Of course technology plays a big role, now that we have established a web shop it allows me the creative freedom to feel like I am designing for someone anywhere in the world and they can have access to these ideas.”


Another shift is in terms of lifestyles. “It is not all that long ago that the average wardrobe for a male consisted of clothing for work, where very rigid rules were in place and after work attire tended to be regarded a real laisse-faire attitude.  Today many men would like the freedom to express themselves in how they dress, they want more options.”


“There also a real awareness about the changing world around us, from the environment, with a real rejection a “fast fashion” in terms of production approach and materials used, and also from a societal changes in the attitudes towards gender or body type.”

“With all this in mind I really feel that we are setting ourselves up to become one of Canada’s most exciting men’s wear brands, not in terms of size or volume, I am not interested in that, but in terms of giving people the tools to express themselves and that will always be the single most rewarding element of my job.” continues Stanley.  


Additional Information:

Stanley Carroll Show: March 30, 8:00 pm

Western Canada Fashion Week link:


Stanley Carroll Pop Up Event: April 2, Noon to 6:00 pm

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