pop up shops

pop up shops

Pop Up Shops


This weekend we had another fun and successful pop up shop this time in the basement of El Cortez, a Mexican restaurant with an incredible décor.


We first started doing pop up shops a little over 10 years ago. I had heard about the concept when I read how Comme de Garcon staged a guerrilla retail space in Berlin in about 2003 (there had been people doing the concept well before that), and the idea really appealed to me.


The idea of doing retail without long term commitment, or even ignoring all retail conventions and rules, just fits perfectly with how I want to present my work to people. Since then we have gone on to do countless of them in a great variety of spaces and locations with a range of different themes.


Some that stand out for me are “The Box Store” where we built the entire environment out of recycled card board boxes, the counter, racking, change room etc.  I had a fun few weeks were I convinced my friends with cars to help me go dumpster diving.


There was the “Spaceship’ where I really have no idea just how much tinfoil we used.  There were also locations like the basement of the Black Dog pub where the slogan ‘the more they drank the more they bought’ seemed to come up. There have been abandoned 

churches and garden parties where you could shoot balls through croquet hoops and earn discounts.


There was the one in Amsterdam, where I must admit when I walked around with the keys to a store in a city I love so much and saw my name on its window, was one of the most emotional moments of my career.


There was the art gallery space in Antwerp Belgium and that is also the great fun.  I realized that the concept can travel anywhere.


What is interesting is that what ironically remains one of the most successful ones is when we do them as open houses in the studio, like this weekend on Saturday the 9th.


We like doing them because it is just so relaxing and fun and the customers must also feel or sense this because the response is always just so overwhelmingly positive.


Studio Open house 9807 79 Avenue, Saturday April 9, 2016, Noon – 5:00 pm