Fall launch

Fall launch

Stanley Carroll launches new collection at Western Canada Fashion Week on Saturday September 17, 2016.


The collection titled “ZE”


What is a Ze? “Ze and hir” are the most popular form of gender-free pronouns in the online genderqueer community. They are derived from the earlier “sie and hir,” which were considered too feminine/female-sounding as “sie” is German for “she” (among other things), and “hir” was a feminine pronoun in Middle English.

The line continues to explore the concept of blurring the lines of gender specific dressing.

“We have been working on the concept of creating clothes that are almost gender neutral and will continue to do so,” says Stanley. “Ultimately, it is a reflection of what is happening in the world around us. Erasing preconceived rules about how one gender should act or dress is exciting to me.”

With a company slogan of “we don’t do ordinary” it seems logical that Carroll would challenge the rules around gender and fashion. It’s been part of his design conversation as far back as the late 1980’s, when the designer was putting men in skirts.

His runway presentation will also reflect that spirit, with well-known faces such as Darrin Hagen (author of The Edmonton Queen, founding member of Guys in Disguise, and many other achievements); Trevor Schmidt (artistic director of Northern Lights Theatre, actor, writer, most recently in the hit Fringe play Prepare for the Worst) and TJ Jans (trans model and award winning blogger at I Dig Your Girlfriend), who will join more than 20 models.

Show info September 17 at ATB Financial Arts Barns. For ticket info go to westerncanadafashionweek.com, and other events stanleycarroll.com


The most recent press release indicates the story behind this latest collection.

In some ways I actually feel somewhat guilty about using this gender topic as it can come across as some sort of “on trend” type of opportunism.

The concept is something we have always played with in the mid 80’s we put men in skirts, I remember do9ing a show years ago when at the last moment (out of restless creativity) I got all the male models to switch outfits with the female ones and vice versa, by the way I won’t do that one again we ruined quite a few dresses because of those big shouldered boys.

The very idea that we will be judged on our gender or sexuality (or anything else for that matter) is still odd to, given what I that can either be surprising or indicative.

Maybe in part I am aware of it because I spend a lot of time living in a city where when riding around town on my bike and I wear a styled scarf around my neck passing truck drivers, take a moment of their busy lives to yell “hey faggot” at me, imagine all these years of scientific research on what might be the cause for one’s sexuality and it turns out that it simply is determined by accessories.

Friends will tell friends “that is a very gay shirt”” look at that butch dressed woman”

How common is it not for a journalist to comment about what a female leader or politician wore, yet you rarely will find that apply to the male.

“Angela Merkel arrived at the white house wearing a soft green pant suit where she was greeted by president Obama “

Nice, but what the F**ck was Obama wearing?

The thing is that we will never get away from being judged by our appearance all  I can try do to as a designer is challenge and question some norms and conventions so that at the very least the harsh cofounds and rules are blurred so that some people may not feel that they are so imprisonment by them.

Dressing is and should be a form of celebration and liberation (apart from the obvious practical element of not wanting to lose a body part to frost bite)


Our show is September 17 at the ATB arts barns go the Westerncanadafashionweek .com for info.

Or come and see the collection at our studio open house on Sunday the 18th at 9807-79 avenue from noon till 5  and stop by   have a glass of wine and look at things up close.