New concept of shopping from Stanley Carroll

This summer we are launching a new concept of shopping for our collection called “custom input”.

What this effectively means is that you the client, can create your own unique piece of clothing that we will specifically make for you.

You can select from a number of different fabrics, and/or the combination of fabrics, depending on the style selected.  Please note that for reasons of exclusivity try to not stock large quantities of any one fabric and they will sell out.

You can select one of a number of dress styles we provide and modify them according to your needs. You can request for a style to be longer; add a sleeve; remove a sleeve, and of course get it in the size that is right for you.  Just tell us your height, bust, waist and hip measurements and the piece will be cut based on that information.  As all the key fabrics are knit the fit becomes easier.

The production is all done in Canada and we in most cases will ship within 2 weeks.  All dresses, regardless of the fabric you choose are $360.

As this is pilot project, we welcome any suggestions, questions or feedback you may have.

Below are the dresses and fabrics. 

Dress 001
Dress 002
 Dress 003

 Dress 004

 Dress 005  Dress 006
 Dress 007 Dress 008


 Below are the fabrics for the dress bodies.

 0620986  0610368  0610367 0610365 
0610364   0610361  0610359 0610360
0610356   0571391  1051395  0450420


Below are the contrasting trim fabrics. 


 058837  0583912