Summer clearance sale

Summer clearance sale

Summer clearance sale



Dressing for summer should never be complicated.

When it is hot outside (sometimes) you have a lot more important and fun things to do then worry about what you are going to wear.

This is a time for relaxing, travel or simply just hanging out.

But that does not mean that you don’t want to look nice you just simply don’t want to forfeit ease and comfort to achieve it.

We therefore have lots of tops and shirts in lightweight linen and cottons many cut lose and away from the body, remember things don’t always have to be overtly tight for you to look good  

And now that most of them are now only around $70 or $80 they are easy in every aspect.

The nice thing is as always with Stanley Carroll that there is always something distinct about the pieces you can turn heads and still feel at ease.

There may well be a time wear you do need to dress up for an occasion and if that is the case a knit dress is such a simple answer, it travels great, throw it on and you are good to go, a customer one day called it “guilty dressing” as she said that she almost felt guilty looking this great and still be so comfortable.

For men that same sentiment can be achieved so easily in a shirt jacket, light weight and comfortable and yet carries a great style punch.

If you feel like making the statement that you are very much your own person you can always go for a stroll in a pair of baggy drop crotch pants, with a knit pullover or how 

about just a big oversized white t-shirt.

Its just the right time of the year to say “it is hot and I look hot